Sunday, March 6, 2011


This week is going to be a big week around my house. My dad is going in for surgery on his foot. Alert the media.

Dad needs to get surgery on his foot, don't ask me why because I really dont even know. All I know is that ever since he found out, it might as well have been Y2K or the Apocalypse around here. We have enough food to feed an army....for a year, he got the oil changed on both vehicles, made a list of emergency contacts, got water, gas and propane, and ordered all the movie channels on the satellite. I think its safe to say this is the biggest thing since my birth.

Now, to give dad some credit, the doctors did say that he would be off his feet for a few weeks, meaning he will have to use crutches to get around. But by the way he's preparing you would think they were amputating both his legs entirely. And it doesn't help that dad has never had surgery for anything before. So I don't think he knows what to expect at all. However, I'm sure the doctors would have warned him if he was going to be incapacitated.

I originally suggested that my dad stay with my aunt for the first week, since her and my uncle work shifts and they have two kids, there is usually always someone home; but that idea didn't fly. "I need to be comfortable, I need to be in my own domain so I can heal Sadie". Okay dad. So needless to say I am curious/terrified to see how the next week goes. I have a feeling my phone is going to be going off a lot in class. Sorry for the interruption.


  1. This sounds like you will having an interesting couple of weeks taking care of your dad. I look forward to hearing stories during your recovery.

  2. haha, your dad sounds like such a character. I love reading all these stories.

  3. I love how prepared he is for this. Good news for you is that you won't have to do very much to help out since he has done everything all ready!

    I hope his visit to the hospital goes much better than the cats' visit to the vet!

  4. I hope your dad get well from the surgery and also that you have the patien to deal with the new situation.

  5. I love this story because now that he is out of surgery I can not wait to read the next post.

  6. I hope your dad's surgery goes well. I would love to hear about how the next few weeks are because in the next couple of weeks my dad is going to go for surgery as well. I'm curious how the next few weeks are going to pan out for us and our dads.
    Good luck to the both of us!