Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hell Week

Alright, so Monday marks the 7th day that dad had been home since his surgery. I survived week one. To be quite honest, it hasn't been as bad as I expected. Probably due to the fact that dad is zonked out on pain killers most of the time. But all in all, this week went by pretty well. 

The day he came home one of his buddies stayed with him because I wasn't able to, and I wasn't really sure what to expect. But when I finally came home and saw him, I realized that he was doing fine. He can still walk and function, but he mostly sleeps because of the pain killers. 

I have to say the first day he was left completely alone was when the funny things started happening. It started Tuesday morning when I was getting ready for school. I was already running late, so I was bustling around the house and dad was just laying on the couch in the living room. Every now and then I would hear "oh, it's ok Sadie...don't worry about me. I'll be fine. Don't feel like you have to call in to check on me....I'll live." "Yup okay dad I'm in a hurry I have to go". I continued getting ready, suddenly I heard a high pitched, off-tone voice singing from the living room: "Alllll by myseeeelffff...don't wanna be, allll by myseeeelffff". Oh lord. Save me. 

Once dad got over his anxiety of being left alone, the texts started.

"hey its dad, pik up brocli and brussel sprouts. garlic slt. thx"

"the cats r playin with my cast ha ha ha"

"can u stop at walmart get my pics and pills. thx"

"how do i order movie on satelite?"

The flurry of horribly misspelled texting seemed to subside after the first few days, now they seem to stick to grocery lists and errands he needs me to do. 

Doing homework is almost impossible unless he is asleep. Every two minutes he calls me to get things for him. I don't understand why he just doesn't ask me to do six things at once instead of calling me six different times to do things like "pass [him] that bottle of water", the one that's sitting two feet in front of him on the table. *sigh*

To conclude, I think this week went fairly well. But I am a little weary as to what will happen when the drugs run out and I cant just put dad to sleep anymore. I have a feeling I may lose my mind. I'll keep you posted. 


  1. As a single dad I am very happy to have what some would perceive to be a “small family”. three children, two dogs, one cat, and yes the pets are part of our family. It’s not the size of the family that counts but the family inside that counts. Have a great day....

    help for single Dads

  2. Sadie, your blog is so entertaining. I find myself in similar situations living at home again. I love the part about the text messages. My father told me he can't text me anymore because I reply too fast...figure that one out!

  3. I would like to point out that my dad is like that on a regular basis. When he has a day off from work, he texts me the most random things to entertain himself. He thinks he is cool, but when has to go and get his glasses and hold the phone at arms length to see anything and has to use a "texting stick" because his fingers are too fat for the phone, I have to give him props for trying.

  4. This was so entertaining Sadie! Suprisingly my dad is just as good as me at texting but my mother is a different story. It takes her about 5 minutes to write a 5 word reply (mind you, she is getting better). It takes her so long that I pretty much just call her or make sure she gives me a list of things she needs before I leave the house.

  5. hahaha at least your dad can text! I think that in itself is a pretty big accomplishment. Your dad may be on you like crazy about everything once the meds wear off, I suggest to get as much done now as you can!

  6. This post made me laugh. Parents and text messaging don't mix. The first text my dad sent me was impossible to read because for some reason he put spaces between every single letter.

  7. I am still in the process of teaching my parents to text. so far I have to text them a yes or no question. if i get a text back with one letter in it that means "no". and two letters means "yes"

  8. Sadie, I love reading your blog. This post was really funny. I love when my parents try to text me, it never makes sense. For some reason my mom always feels the need to end her texts with "Love Mom," even if we're in the middle of a conversation.