Monday, February 14, 2011

Bieber Fever

One thing I am starting to realize from living with dad, is that I am constantly learning new things about him. This week's revelation: my dad has a crush on Justin Bieber.

I first starting noticing my dad's new found love for the Biebs last week when we were watching tv. A commercial for his new movie "Never Say Never" came on, and out of nowhere, dad came running into the room "OH MY GOD SADIE!! Is that a Justin Bieber MOVIE?!?!" "yes dad" "Oh my god. That movie is gonna make more than TITANIC! Mark my words Sade...highest grossing film of all time!" I was pretty taken back by his enthusiasm for the flick, but I was even more taken back by his knowledge of Bieber facts. "He's from Ontario you know? Straford. He grew up there. Oh, annnd he plays hockey, it's hard to hate the kid if he plays hockey. And like also plays like...4 different instruments too." Oh really dad? Impressive.

It continued...

"OHHH and did you see him on the cover of that magazine with all the kisses on his face?!" (referring to last month's Vanity Fair). "Yes dad I saw it". "They did that on purpose you know. All those little teenage girls are going to see those kisses and wish they were from THEM! And then they're going to buy the magazine." Damn those sneaky marketing tactics.

But it doesn't stop there. The magnitude of dad's Bieber Fever reached a tipping point last night while we were watching the Grammy Awards.

Every time the camera stopped on Biebs, dad would yell "Look! Look! There he is!" During his performance, the praise just kept coming: "Oh he sounds pretty good! His dancing is good, reminds me of M.J, he is definitely winning something." During all the awards presentations in categories which J.B was nominated, dad was hell bend on him winning. "He's got this one in the bag for SUREE Sadie, watch." Needless to say, the Grammy's were disappointing for daddy.

So this week I learned that my father is a true Belieber. Not sure how I feel about this yet. Updates to come...


  1. This post is hilarious. I had a similar experience with my dad and Lady Gaga, except he calls her "the Gaga". He couldn't wait to see her and The Grammy's and now wants to see her in concert.

  2. Ha! This is fantastic and as I'm typing this, the Bieber Glee episode is on TV (in the background, of course - I really want to watch the Leaf game). I guess you'll really be able to measure the true level of your dad's "fandom" if he starts growing his hair out.

    While I'm still trying to understand what all the Bieber hype is about, I think we can all appreciate his success from a PR perspective. He must have some amazing publicists to have accelerated his career/success as quickly as it has happened. One way or another, his personality really seems to have had an effect on ALL generations.

  3. I think I'm starting to share you father's excitement. He seems like a great guy.
    Mike, I watched a show on Beiber the other day actually, lol after I watched the leafs game though. Usher gave Beiber his personal tour manager from the start, and this guy knows everyone, so that obviously didn't hurt his career, A guy who has contacts everywhere in the business is definitely a good PR guy to have.

  4. Your dad is the cutest man ever! Clearly the Biebs is stepping outside of his target audience and reaching people of all ages. I think the fact that he came from a small town and didn't start from the Disney Channel is helping his stardom as well. He pretty much started from YouTube, posting videos of his singing and musical talents. He also constantly keeps up to date with his fans which shows he's genuine and wants to stay true to them.

  5. This was really hilarious to read. Your dad almost sounds like a teenage girl in love with the Biebs. Its almost June so maybe you could get him two tickets for one of his concerts. Does your Dad know you are posting this?

  6. Hahahaha no. He is not aware. I didnt want to tell him because then he wouldnt be himself. He is too naturally funny to mess with it lol